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Mon, Mar. 20th, 2006, 11:23 am
paranoiaebw: V is for Vagina?

So I saw “V for Vendetta” the other day and I must say I enjoyed it. I found it’s messages mixed at times but overall it was alright. I’m a huge fan of the graphic novel and I do understand that the changes may take away from the actual movie. I guess the reason I enjoyed it though is because I thought it was going to be a big piece of shit with a ton of action scenes in it. While they did add some action I don’t think they over did it and it worked well.

The biggest problem with the movie is this:

They have a love story/tension between “V” and Evey. I do think this is stupid (as I actually agree with my friend that “V” was possibly her mother) BUT “V” is a Hollywood movie and that sort of stuff is bound to be thrown at us. One of my friends was so mad by this so another guy challenged him to name one major Hollywood movie where a romance/tension of some sort wasn’t put in with at least two characters in it.

You know the best answer he could come up with? Predator 2!

THAT’S reaching if you ask me! SO-my question is, can you think of any major Hollywood pictures where they don’t put some sort of love story in there for the audience?

Sun, Aug. 6th, 2006 02:27 am (UTC)

I realize many changes were made in the film adaptation, and yes, it is due to Hollywood convention. I can accept changes. They did change a lot of the actual story, as St. Mary's and Three Waters were not included in the graphic novel at all. There was obviously some kind of relationship going on between V and Evey even in the graphic novel. There had to be for Evey to change so radically.

When I watched this movie, I was expecting something entirely different from the graphic novel, to be honest. Many of the changes did disappoint me, especially how he blew up the Old Bailey. Personally, I enjoyed the conversation V had with Madame Justice before he blew it up in the novel. Many things I enjoyed in the novel were not in the movie.

But, since I saw the movie as something separate from the novel, I could accept it. As movie, it is excellent, in my opinion. As an adaptation, it falters. I was looking for more of the filmmaking techniques and the performances. See my second entry for more details. (Please notice how I don't reference the novel).