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Sat, Jun. 3rd, 2006, 03:25 am
mangelamustdie: Here is a good question.

Is X-men 3: the Last Stand even worth the discussion??


Sun, Jun. 4th, 2006 01:35 am (UTC)

Okay, so the snide comment above was because I didn't have time to do a full post.

I would all like everyone to go back to a time when George Lucas was churning out the prequels to the Star Wars films. Ah, I remember that little snot Jake Lloyd, then the even worse, emo, cardboard acting of Hayden Christensen. He was supposed to love his mother and Padme so much that he was going to learn the powers of the dark side so he wouldn't lose another person.

Are we all thinking of the end scene where Natalie Portman is saying (very unconvincingly) "Anie, you're breaking my heart!" and he's all, "Rar, stay out of this!"

You remember the horror.

My point is this: Lucas tried to give us little bits of their relationship to make us FEEL it. However, who felt it was real? Now, who felt it was hackneyed and annoying?

Then, we have X3. Why do Jean and Logan "love" each other, or at least, why does he "love" her and she "like" him? All we have to go on is some physical attraction, so how could they really "love" each other?

However, we don't think of that in X3 because, and I feel this is really valid, Famke Janssen and Hugh Jackman did a fine acting job. In the medical examination room, the Phoenix and Jean emerge at different times and Janssen's facial features are so...subtle, that it doesn't look forced, it feels real when Jean is looking at Logan and freaking out when he asks about Scott. Logan looks really concerned when he's trying to talk to Jean in the med. room. In the end scene he really is torn apart by having to kill her.

In Star Wars, this type of love was terribly displayed and I would like everyone to use that as a reference as to how this film COULD have turned out and then appreciate the good it did.

Tue, Jun. 6th, 2006 03:36 pm (UTC)

This might be the only thought out objection to the movie that I have heard. It is definitely the best one on this page.