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Film Analysis Community

or people who think they know what they're talking about.

Film Analysis
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All Members , Moderated
This community is designed for people to just get together and analyze films they have seen recently. The intent is to take a deeper look at what the film is saying or what your theories on what it is trying to say. The rules of this community are as follows (and are subject to change):

1) The films do not need to be new ones. They can be from any era or genre as long as you have something intellectual to say about them.

2) If you disagree with someone's opinions feel free to debate them with that person. However you are not allowed to resort to name calling or verbal bashing to prove a point. Do it once, you get a warning, do it again and your off the community.

3) Perfect grammar and spelling are not required in order to post. It may help you appear to be more intelligent but it will not be held against you (especially sense the moderator struggles with grammar from time to time).

4) Other than that just enjoy what other people have to say and offer your own opinions.

Underated Films (Judged By Members)
"Great Expectations" (1998) Directed by: Alfonso Cuaron (Picked by paranoiaebw)
"Rules of Attraction" Directed by: Roger Avary (Picked by paranoiaebw)
"Go" Directed by: Doug Liman (Picked by pettyharvey)
"Tigerland" Directed by: Joel Schumacher (Picked by pettyharvey)